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Why Divorce Mediation? 

During the mediation process, couples negotiate their own settlement and learn techniques for resolving future differences. It is less expensive than alternative conflict resolution methods including litigation, arbitration, and the collaborative approach.

How many sessions are needed?  

Divorce Mediation sessions vary upon the needs of the divorcing couple. Each session is between 90-120 minutes in length.

How much does divorce mediation cost?  

Mediation time is charged on an hourly basis. There are no hidden fees. The hourly fee is $150. A retainer fee will be expected during the first appointment that will then be utilized for payment of the following sessions. When mediation is finished, a written agreement titled Memorandum of Understanding will be prepared by the mediator for the hourly fee and usually takes between 4-6 hours. There will only be one fee for the both of you, not two.  

Divorce mediation is less expensive. This means that mediation is almost always considerably less expensive than the traditional approach to divorce. In general, the retainer charged by most divorce lawyers will be equal to or greater than the entire cost of a mediated divorce.

When is mediation not appropriate?  

When there is physical or emotional abuse that prevents you from speaking for yourself. When your spouse’s judgment is impaired by drug or alcohol addiction.

Do I need a lawyer?    

While mediation does not eliminate the need for lawyers, it limits the amount of time that they need to spend on your case.  Both of you may obtain independent legal advice during the mediation process. You are encouraged to have separate lawyers review your agreement, titled Memorandum of Understanding, before it is signed. The agreement may then be used as the basis for an uncontested divorce. Divorce mediators do not provide legal advice.

Divorce Mediation FAQs

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